Viko's retail chatbot platform treats each visitor as an individual.
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Conversational commerce

What is conversational commerce?

Conversational Commerce, a.k.a. "C-Commerce" is not new. For years sales advisors have been talking to customers: in store, on the phone, via email. It's all about dialog - listening to your customers.

What is new is the emergence of artificial intelligence. A.I. let's you have the same dialog with your customers but at greatly reduced cost. Whilst most simple chatbots are designed to handle customer service type queries, Viko's C-Commerce platform is built to generate sales.

Viko's retail chatbot engine can serve your customers over WhatsApp, email, the web and more ...

The best mobile experience

Even the best responsive or mobile sites are far from optimal. Navigating through filters, tabs and popups just isn't easy on a small screen. Wouldn't it be better if your customers could just tell you what they want?

I want a black long sleeve dress costing around £100

That's what conversational commerce is all about. Talking to your customers and engaging them in a dialog. Understanding their specific needs, without the need for filters, check-boxes or other distractions.

Mobile experience
Differentiate yourself from the competition


Most e-commerce sites sites look and feel the same. How can you stand out from the crowd? Viko offers your customers a truly unique, personalised experience.

Better engagement

Better Engagement

Viko's artificial intelligence engages your customers, treating them as individuals. Your customers receive a level of personal service they won't be able to find elsewhere.

Increased revenue

Increased Revenue

Our conversion algorithms are designed to turn visitors into customers. Viko's smart agent technology steers conversations towards high value sales.

Increase customer lifetime value

Higher Lifetime Value

Viko's smart agents get to know your customers, remembering their preferences. Repeat business becomes simple and natural, resulting in a higher customer lifetime value.

Conversion optimisation

Better Conversion Rates

Effective conversational commerce keeps visitors engaged. Viko drives prospects down optimised conversion funnels, designed to maximise sales.

Higher average order value

Higher Average Order Value

Viko uses proven algorithms to up sell and cross sell. Viko employs artificial intelligence which learns and improves. Over time Viko learns what works best for your business.