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Retail Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence

19 Jul, 2021

Learn how other e-tailers use chatbots and artificial intelligence to generate website traffic, increase conversions, reduce returns and streamline customer service operations

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GDPR and PECR for chatbot operators

23 Nov, 2021

GDPR and PECR applies to chatbot developers, even after Brexit. In this article I will explain some aspects of these regulations that are particularly pertinent to chatbot developers. Note: this does not constitute legal advice.

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Chatbot best practices

8 Apr, 2021

How to build an effective chatbot. 10 detailed tips covering natural language processing (NLP) training, validation & error handling, establishing & monitoring KPIs and more

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Adaptive Chatbot Dialogs

23 Mar, 2021

Scripted chatbot dialog flows annoy users, leading to high drop-offs and low conversion rates. Learn how to build a dynamic chatbot that adapts on the fly.

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We open sourced our Hugo theme

18 Mar, 2021

Looking for a fast Hugo theme with AMP support? We've released our own theme under the Apache 2 license

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