Viko is much more than a retail chatbot. Viko is a complete c-commerce platform.
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Conversational commerce

Ai powered sales advisors

Wouldn't it be great if you could offer personal service to each and every one of your customers? Talking to them as individuals, listening to their needs and guiding them towards high value sales?

That's exactly what Viko does. Viko is much more than a chatbot - it's a complete c-commerce platform, built for revenue generation. Viko uses advanced artificial intelligence, which drives conversations towards high value sales. All for one reason ...

To generate revenue for your business.

Smart agents

Our smart agents lie at the heart of our c-commerce platform.

What is a smart agent? a virtual advisor, powered by artificial intelligence. Viko's smart agents are capable of chatting with customers and understanding their needs. They ask questions, make suggestions and solicit feedback. In fact they do all the things a great sales advisor should do.

Of course understanding the need is only half the story. Viko's smart agents also use their artificial intelligence to recommend products, upsell, cross sell and more.

Mobile experience
Omni channel chatbot

Omni channel

Our smart agents can serve your customers over the Web, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. As the different channels are all subtly different, Viko adapts it's dialog to suit the medium and platform.

Multi channel chatbot

Intuitive & frictionless

Screen real estate on mobile devices is limited. Viko replaces drop-downs, pop-ups, filters and other complications with a clean, minimal interface. Customers simply tell Viko what they want in their own words.

Conversion optimisation

Conversion optimisation

Which factors influence a buying decision? Product, price, time of day, device used plus many more. Viko's smart agents use statistical modelling to influence their dialogs. Targeted conversations - more conversions.



Unlike an e-commerce site, Viko's smart agents are pro-active. They drive conversations, steering them towards high value sales. Viko decides the questions to ask, along with the brands and products to recommend.

Cross selling

Cross selling

Cross selling has obvious benefits but sometimes it can distract from and jeopardise the main sale. Viko's smart agents use statistical modelling to decide whether the cross sell makes sense.

Two people talking

Powerful analytics

Understanding how well your smart agents are performing is crucial to measuring your return on investment. That's why we provide powerful analytics, giving you the key performance indicators you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is conversational commerce?

Conversational Commerce "c-commerce" is e-commerce, by means of chat/messaging channels. For example Amazon Alexa, Live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc. C-Commerce platforms typically make extensive use of artificial intelligence, especially speech to text and natural language understanding. These technologies allow computer systems to understand normal human speech for example the phrase I'm looking for a white summer dress in size 10

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What are the major channels?

B2C c-commerce is typically conducted over Live chat (on the merchants website), Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, Viber and Telegram. B2B c-commerce is typically conducted over Live chat and Slack. However these are not hard and fast rules, ultimately it's for the merchant to determine which channel best suits their customer base.

How about voice chat?

C-Commerce over voice chat is possible, a great example being Amazon's Alexa. The major limitation is the lack of visual engagement, making this channel unsuitably for many sectors. However for sectors that don't need visual engagement voice chat could be a good option.

How does c-commerce differ from a chatbot?

A chatbot is simply a computer system which "chats" with a user. Most chatbots are used for admin or customer service type use cases e.g. answering the question when will i receive my order?. In contrast c-commerce platforms, like e-commerce platforms, focus on selling or lead generation. So a c-commerce platform will almost certainly include a chatbot of some form, but a chatbot is not necessarily used for c-commerce.

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