Viko MVP launched

Last updated: 16 March 2021 · 1 min read
Viko MVP launched

Viko Ai Limited is pleased to announce the release of it’s first production platform. The new Viko platform brings conversational commerce to a new level with a range of powerful features. Distinguishing features include:

  • Multi channel chatbot
  • Advanced natural language understanding
  • Computer vision
  • AI based conversion optimisation algorithms
  • Adaptive dialog flows

a live demo of the platform is available


Viko includes several innovative features


The new chatbot engine includes support for popular messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple messages, Telegram and more. Web and email channels are also fully supported.

Natural Language Undertanding

Viko’s NLU engine is already pretrained for specific sectors. The launch edition of the platform includes support for clothing and footwear sectors. Other sectors will be added over the coming months. The pretrained models can be used as is, or further extended for specific merchants.

Computer Vision

The new computer vision module allows Viko to match visually similar images, enhancing sales conversions. As with the NLU module, the computer vision model is already pretrained for specific sectors.

Conversion Optimisation

Artificial intelligence based conversion optimisation algorithms deliver enhanced conversions. Viko selects the content and products most likely to result in sales conversions.

Adaptive Dialog Flows

Unlike most chatbot platforms, Viko’s conversations are not hard coded. The system automatically adapts itself, learning which elements of a conversation deliver the best results.

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