Personalised fashion chatbot reduces retail returns by 46%

SizeFinder by Viko Ai allows shoppers to find the right size, first time

Last updated: 14 October 2021 · 2 min read
Personalised fashion chatbot reduces retail returns by 46%

London, UK. Following a successful pilot, London based artificial intelligence startup Viko Ai announces the launch of their SizeFinder platform. SizeFinder is a chatbot platform, which uses artificial intelligence to offer personalised fit and sizing advice to online shoppers. Results from the initial pilot are promising, showing an average reduction in returns of 46%. Returns for some product lines were down by as much as 60%.

Whilst online sales continue to grow, returns continue to blight online retailers across sectors. Clothing and footwear merchants are especially impacted, seeing the highest returns of any sector. The most common reason for the return of clothing and footwear is “it didn’t fit”. Despite this, most retailers have done little to address the problem. Just recently Asos announced the departure of its chief executive, following rising costs - attributed in part to an increase in returns.

Before developing SizeFinder, Viko Ai polled a group of 1000 online shoppers to understand why they weren’t able to order the correct size first time. Based on the feedback, it was clear that most shoppers don’t consult online size charts. Those that do, often discover the size charts are not accurate. The Barbour size chart on the John Lewis website is pretty typical, carrying the disclaimer “Please note, actual measurements may vary slightly by style”.

Viko’s founder, Toby Hobson explains the rationale behind the SizeFinder chatbot

Merchants like to complain about returns, but if they don’t offer accurate, easily accessible information, what do they expect?

Viko Ai created SizeFinder to offer personalised, product specific sizing advice.

The platform works by aligning product specific sizing data, known as tech packs, with the shopper’s own measurements and preferences. Shopper’s don’t need to measure themselves if they already have a well fitting garment from the same brand. They can just tell the system what they currently wear and SizeFinder will work out their measurements from that. For those customers new to a brand, SizeFinder explains how to take accurate measurements.

reducing clothing returns
reducing clothing returns


About Viko Ai: Viko Ai is a London based artificial intelligence startup, founded in 2020. The company develops chatbots, primarily focused on the UK e-commerce sector. The company was founded by Toby Hobson, who has a personal interest in supporting e-commerce merchants. His father owns an independent clothing business and Toby has seen first hand the challenges faced by UK merchants.

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