Revenue Optimisation

Chatbots built to convert visitors into customers and reduce returns

Product Finder Chatbot

Product Finder

A chatbot capable of understanding complex conversations. Our clothing and footwear specific A.I. understands departments, categories, products and product attributes.

Fastest route to the product page

No more searching, filtering, scrolling and paging. By asking a few questions, our product finder can take shoppers directly to the perfect product in a couple of clicks.

Natural language understanding

Our powerful NLU technology allows shoppers to express what they're looking for in their own words. Shoppers can describe pricing, styles, colours, brands, fabrics and much more without resorting to search filters.

Perfect for mobile

The limited screen real estate of mobile devices presents particular challenges for UX designers. What could be simpler than a chat window? Viko needs no drop downs, fly-out menus, tabs or panels.

Size Finder Chatbot

Size Finder

Fed up with returns? Our size finder offers personalised product specific sizing advice, reducing returns by as much as 50%.

Guides shoppers to their correct size

Our virtual advisor asks users relevant, garment specific questions to understand what size will work best.

Product specific advice

Unlike traditional size charts, Viko's size finder offers product specific sizing advice, taking account of the specific garment fit along with returns data (too small/too large).

Guides and videos

For shoppers who don't know their measurements, Viko provides them with guides and videos explaining how to take the measurements.