Revenue Optimisation

Platforms built to increase sales, reduce operational costs and improve returns rates.

Extractive Question Answering

Product Sage

Product Sage answers customer queries in realtime. From product questions through to shipping queries, Product Sage serves customers at scale 24/7.

Question answering

Product Sage employs a form of A.I. known as question answering - providing direct answers to ad-hoc questions in realtime.

Search on steroids

Unlike traditional search, Product Sage doesn't just return matching results or highlighted snippets - it actually answers the question posed.

Automatic FAQs

Product Sage can automatically generate product/page specific FAQs along with SEO compatible metadata.

Self learning

Product Sage requires very little ongoing maintenance as it learns and improves based on user interactions.

Personal Shopper Chatbot

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper delivers a truly personal experience, guiding shoppers to their ideal products based on their own particular needs.

Fastest route to the product page

No more searching, filtering, scrolling and paging. By asking a few questions, our A.I. technology can take shoppers directly to the perfect product in a couple of clicks.

A truly personal experience

Every shopper is an individual. Some know exactly what they're looking for, others need help and guidance. Our adaptive A.I. works around the individual, just as a sales assistant would.

The visual dimension

Often we can't express what we're looking for in words, but we know it when we see it. Our powerful computer vision allows Viko to recommend products that are aesthetically appealing.

Size Finder Chatbot

Size Finder

Fed up with returns? SizeFinder offers personalised product specific sizing advice, reducing apparel returns by up to 60%.

Personalised advice

Our virtual advisor asks users relevant, garment specific questions to understand what size will work best.

Product specific

Unlike traditional size charts, SizeFinder offers product specific sizing advice, taking account of the specific garment fit along with customer reviews & returns data (too small/too large).

Brand comparisons

For shoppers who already own a well fitting garment, SizeFinder can recommend the best size in something new.

Alternative matches

Sometimes no size is suitable. For these unlucky shoppers SizeFinder can suggest suitable alternatives.