Traffic Generation

Retail chatbots designed to generate high quality website traffic from multiple sources including online ads, social media sites and leading chat platforms

24/7 Influencer Chatbot

24/7 Influencer

A chatbot themed around, and promoted by leading influencers. Our 24/7 Influencer offers personalised product recommendations across social media.

Working with leading influencers

Viko has partnered with leading influencers in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. Our partners work with us to develop and promote our clients chatbots. We can also work with other influencers if you have an existing relationship.

Personalised recommendations

Users engage with your influencer themed chatbot, receiving personalised advice and recommendations from your product catalogue. Our A.I. powered conversion technology automatically selects the products most likely to convert.

Increased ROI - guaranteed

Unlike sponsored social media posts which promote the same product to an entire follower base, Viko's 24/7 influencer engages followers with highly targeted content. That's why we can guarantee an increased Return On Promotional Spend.

Gift Finder Chatbot

Gift Finder

Providing a concierge like service to shoppers over the leading social network and chat platforms. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and available 24/7.

A.I. powered recommendations

Viko's collaborative filtering technology recommends the products most likely to be of interest to shoppers.

Natural language understanding

Viko's advanced natural language processing allows shoppers to explain their requirements in their own words.

Perfect for seasonal campaigns

Our gift finder chatbot can support mothers/fathers day, Christmas and year round birthday campaigns.