Solutions for Apparel Merchants

Viko has a dedicated offering for clothing and footwear merchants
Pre-trained artificial intelligence

Pre-trained agents

Building an artificial intelligence solution that works in the real world is a complex, time consuming and very expensive process.

Unlike other chatbot offerings, Viko's fashion offering is built specifically for clothing and footwear merchants.

Our artificial intelligence models understand the attributes important to your business including: style, fabric, colour, size and more.

The power of visuals

The power of visuals

Aesthetics and styling are important in many sectors, but especially so in the fashion sector. Our computer vision feature allows Viko to "see" products the way your customers do.

Viko behaves like a human sales advisor - we show products to your customers, ask for feedback and learn what they like and dislike. This allows us to offer highly targeted content likely to convert.

Cross sell

Cross-sell, upsell, convert

We understand that not all businesses are the same.

Maybe it's the end of the season and your focus is clearing stock. Maybe you want to broaden your brand appeal and cross sell to your customer base.

Whatever your focus, Viko's algorithms will work for you, implementing your chosen sales strategy and delivering results.

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