Our technology

Viko includes a retail chatbot, NLP engine and computer vision framework, along with other AI enabled tech.

Viko Professional services

All Viko implementations are are backed by our professional services which include:

  • Customisation and bespoke development
  • Project management
  • Implementation and go live support
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Viko is an end to end, full service solution.

Viko Ai professional services
Multi channel chatbot

Omni-channel Chatbot

The Viko platform includes a multi platform chatbot supporting Email, Web, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others.

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Processing

Viko includes a powerful natural language understanding engine which goes far beyond simple named entity recognition.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

To fully understand your users, a system needs to "see" things as they do. Viko's computer vision module does just that.

State machine

State Machine

Viko includes a state machine, which can be used independently of the chatbot component. Thus enabling integration with other systems.

Collaborative filtering

Statistical modelling

What questions to ask? Which products to recommend? Viko uses machine learning to answer these questions.

Pre trained agents

Pre-trained agents

Unlike most artificial intelligence solutions, Viko's use case and sector specific models require minimal training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viko a SaaS or PaaS platform?

Viko is a fully managed SaaS application. We take care of all development, implementation and support. We do not offer a public API, all customisation and bespoke development is handled by our professional services team.

How does Viko differ from Google Dialogflow etc?

Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex etc are all generic chatbot frameworks. As generic frameworks they require considerable development/data science resource to build a production application. In contrast Viko is a specialised c-commerce platform requiring minimal development effort.

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Is Viko GDPR compliant?

Yes. Viko is fully GDPR compliant. We will be happy to share our current GDPR policy with you. For the purposes of UK data protection legislation Viko acts as a data processor. Viko Ai Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioners Office. Our reference number is ZB001974

Is Viko PECR compliant?

Yes, Viko is used to serve inbound queries. Viko does not send unsolicited messages to individuals, via any channel.

Where is Viko hosted?

Viko is hosted on Amazon Web Services, in their eu-west-2 (London) region. Alternatively we also offer hosting on Google Cloud, in their europe-west2 (London) region. To ensure high availability Viko is hosted across multiple availability zones on both AWS and Google.

How is my data isolated from other clients?

We do not use multi-tenancy for client data. All client data is stored on database instances dedicated to specific clients.

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