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How does Viko compare to Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex etc?

At a strategic level, Viko is not a generic chatbot framework but a specialised C-Commerce platform. Viko's target use case is lead generation and sales for online merchants. Viko is an end to end full service offering including professional services.

What does this mean in practical terms? Viko is more than a retail chatbot engine. Viko includes all thetech needed to deliver a C-Commerce strategy. Our prebuilt agents support lead generation and sales use cases out of the box. They have been developed and refined based on usability research and focus group testing.

Unlike most chatbot frameworks, our our pre-trained natural language understanding models go beyond simple named entity recognition. Viko's NLU engine also support part of speech tagging and dependency parsing. This allows Viko to understand advanced phrases and linguistic relationships e.g.

I want a lightweight summer dress in a size 10

Viko is a full service, end to end solution, backed by our professional services team. We take care of everything from requirements analysis through to implementation and support.

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Google Dialogflow CX

Google Dialogflow is a PaaS based, generic chat and voice bot framework featuring NLU support. Dialogflow's NLU engine is limited to NER support. Being a PaaS offering, Dialogflow requires development and data science resources. Building a C-Commerce application using Dialogflow will most likely also require other Google services. Google Dialogflow offers Prebuilt agents These agents are largely focussed on customer service and account management type use cases.

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Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a PaaS based, generic chat and voice bot framework. As with Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex requires development and data science resources. Amazon Lex is designed to be used alongside other AWS resources including Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition and Amazon SageMaker. Unlike Google Dialogflow or Viko, Amazon Lex does not offer prebuilt agents.

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Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft bot framework is an open source generic bot framework. As with Google and Amazon's offerings, Microsoft's offering requires development and data science resources. Developers can build self hosted bot applications through the botkit platform. Alternatively developers can make use of the Azure Bot Service for Azure based applications. Azure Bot Service can be used with other Azure services.

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Rasa is an open source generic chatbot framework. Rasa also offers an enterprise plan that includes single sign on and support services. Rasa features a chatbot and NLU engine. Unlike the other vendors mentioned here, Rasa is self hosted although they do offer deployment advice and support.

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