Chatbot engine

Our retail chatbot engine supports major instant messaging platforms along with other channels

The Web


Of course we can deploy Viko on your own website. We recommend all merchants adopt this channel. Try our web demo

Whatsapp Logo


We support the world most ubiquitous instant messaging platform. Please note WhatsApp's API is currently in limited availability.

Facebook Messenger Logo

Facebook Messenger

Although not as ubiquitous as WhatsApp, messenger offers more features and is popular among younger age groups.

Instagram logo


The fastest growing social network, especially for fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. Instagram now offer a chatbot API.

Telegram logo


A rapidly growing platform now challenging WhatsApp's dominance. Popular amongst privacy minded consumers.

Email icon


Email is not as "instant" as the other channels and our offering is therefore slightly different. Contact us to find out more.

Need another platform?

Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn
We're adding support for new channels all the time. If you need something in particular, let us know. We can support pretty much any platform that offers an API.

Try Viko

Want to see Viko in action? Try our interactive demo