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Developer features

We've taken some really advanced concepts and made them accessible to all

Question answering

Extractive and generative question answering using custom transformer based natural language models

Viko will automatically return generative answers in cases where it will result in a better user experience.

Alternatively you have the flexibility to explicitly request extractive answers.

Pre-trained language models

Viko includes pre-trained, domain specific natural language models covering different scenarios including:

  • Product & service questions
  • Shipping & returns
  • Terms and conditions

We continue to add new models based on developer feedback.

Semantic search

Many users don't have questions, but instead want to drill down on specific content e.g. shipping rates.

Viko supports traditional keyword search but uses its powerful natural language processing to deliver more targeted search snippets and document matches.

Automatic model selection

High accuracy is achieved by selecting different models for specific scenarios e.g. product vs shipping questions.

The best model is selected by taking into account the page itself (product, category, terms etc) along with the nature of the question.

Self learning

Our natural language models are continually tuned and refined, resulting in improved accuracy and a better user experience.

In addition to the tuning performed by our own team, Viko learns and improves based on user and agent feedback.

Multiple data formats

Viko can ingest a range of document types including:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Plain text
How it works

Extractive vs generative question answering

Extractive answering

Extractive answering extracts verbatim text from a document in response to a question e.g.

Question: Do you offer next day shipping?

Document source: ... We offer next day shipping ...

Answer: We offer next day shipping

Generative answering

Open generative question answering generates an answer, using a document for context e.g.

Question: Do you offer next day shipping?

Document source: ... We offer next day shipping ...

Answer: Yes


Dialog widget

Simple popup style dialog box. Best suited to simple flows

Dialog widget

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