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NLP Enhanced Full text Search

22 Nov, 2021

Learn how to compliment Elasticsearch with Natural Language Processing using the spaCy framework. NLP allows us to offer far more targeted search results, along with a much improved user experience.

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Natural Language Understanding

5 Nov, 2021

Natural Language Understanding allows us to offer much more targeted search results. It also allows us to deliver a much quicker path from search to product page.

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E-commerce Reverse Logistics

2 Nov, 2021

Returns are costly for retailers. I'll explain how retailers can use their data to forward sell products that are due to be returned.

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Reducing Apparel Returns

26 Oct, 2021

Returns continue to blight online apparel merchants. In this article we'll outline some proven strategies for improving returns rates. We'll focus on the clothing and footwear sectors.

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Why you should also offer a dark theme

18 Oct, 2021

91% of browsers now support dark mode. Our research shows that by adding a dark theme you could reduce website bounce rates by up to 60%

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