Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can Viko be used by employees?
    Yes absolutely! whilst our Javascript widgets are intended for use on a public website our API can be used to quickly build in house applications. We're also working on a new front end for internal, employee use.
  • Do you offer a free open source version?
    No. The real value of Viko lies not just in the software but the data, in particular the realtime feedback from our end users and agents. A cloud based solution allows us to collect data in realtime, use it to improve the models and propagate the updates to all clients.
    Additionally, running an A.I. platform in production is both difficult and expensive (hint: you need specialised GPU instances). A cloud based solution allows you to offload this to us.
    We do offer free plans, so Viko should be accessible to all.
  • Can I use the developer plan for production?
    Yes, you're welcome to use the free developer plan in production, subject to the quotas. Be aware that unlike the paid editions, the developer plan comes with no warranty, SLA or indemnity.
  • Is Viko ready for production?
    We're currently in developer preview. We expect to move to general availability during Q3 2022. Now is a great time to get involved and share your feedback and feature requests!

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