Viko for councils

Realise committments made in the Local Digital Declaration. Viko brings digital self-service to local authorities of all sizes.


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Realising Local Digital ambitions

Viko's artificial intelligence empowers residents to help themselves

Digital self-service

Viko transforms your Drupal or other CMS platform into a full self-service platform, without the complexity of chatbots, or the overhead of helpdesk systems.

Accessible content

Viko transforms lenghtly, detailed content into something simple, concise and accessible.

Straight answers

Viko goes beyond search result and snippets - it actually answers residents' questions directly.

Low maintenence

Artificial intelligence that improves by itself, reducing workloads for your IT and comms teams.

Digital self service for local government

Accessible artificial intelligence

Enterprise class artificial intelligence, now accessible to even the smallest of councils.

Neural search

Our neural search surfaces highly relevant content, even when the query and document keywords don't align.

Question answering

Just like a human agent, Viko answers questions with direct answers - not snippets or links to other documents.

Personalised content

Viko generates concise, personalised content to address a resident's specific question or topic of interest.

Automatic FAQs

Viko allows you to manage service specific FAQs. Viko's AI can even suggest suitable questions and answers.


Your nine year old audience

With an average UK reading age of just 9, your residents need support.

WCAG 2.1 accessibility

Supporting everyone

How can you make complex topics accessible to a wide audience, many of whom have learning difficulties? Viko offers a radical solution to this insoluble problem:

Let Viko do the reading

Viko's AI powered reading comprehension reads your long form, complex content and makes it accessible to a wider audience ...

Simplified summaries

Viko generates simplified, thematic summaries - suitable for readers with a lower reading age. Perfect for WCAG 3.1.5 compliance.

Answering questions

Your residents don't even need to read through the content, Viko will generate simple, consise answers to their questions. Try it for yourself.

How it works

Answering questions

Residents ask questions using natural language, just as if they were speaking with a human agent. Viko reads the relevant documents then generates a simple, concise answer.


Question is asked

Asking a question

Your resident asks a question in their own words. No need for specific keywords or phrases - Viko will understand them.


Search the FAQs

FAQ Search

Viko will first scan service specific FAQs, along with it's cache of previously asked questions (and answers).


Find the content

Document retrieval

If the question wasn't previously answered, Viko will retrieve the most relevant documents from it's index.


Read the content

Reading the content

Viko will read through the relevant documents, identifying any information that will help it to answer the question.


Generate an answer


Viko's text generation technology will generate a simple and concise answer. We'll ask the resident for feedback.


Agent handoff

Agent handoff

If Viko can't answer the question we will pass it on to a human. Viko works with email, live chat and helpdesk systems.

Try Viko

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