Viko vs Huggingface

The comprehensive alternative to Huggingface question answering pipelines. Question answering, semantic search, FAQ generation and more...

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Benefits over Huggingface

Question answering, automatic FAQ generation, Javascript widgets & more...

End to end solution

Everything from a web crawler to a full text database. Viko is much more than an NLP library.

Performance for all

All our plans include distilled, in-memory models, along with GPU powered inference.

Data locality

We store your documents (context) along with the models, allowing for fast single-trip answers.

Self learning

No need to curate and upload training datasets. Viko learns from end user and agent feedback.

Viko vs Huggingface

GPU backed inference for all, semantic search, agent fallback routes & more

Document (context) storage
One shot question answering - more
Semantic search - more
Fine tuned, domain specific models (coming soon)
Front end widgets - more
Automatic FAQ generation (coming soon) - more
Distilled models
Pinned models
GPU powered inference
Data locality
Multi region support (coming soon)
Free support from the team

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